Hats of the Seasons

Hats are always perfect to complete a good look, or to just cover up some messy hair on a lazy day. Wearing beanies in the summer went out with the 90s though, sorry.

Here’s how to keep your hats in season.


Ascot Cap

Ascot Cap

An ascot cap is mainly a winter hat, though go for it on a late fall night. Wearing it in the summer could be pulled off theoretically, but keep your colors dark and conservative when sporting this cap.


Golf/Driving Cap

Golf/Driving Cap

The golf/driving cap. One of my all-time FAVORITES. This hat is for spring and summer ONLY. Never try it out of season, unless you’re actually going golfing in the snow (teeing off in mid-January I guess?).


Baseball hat

Baseball hat

Baseball hats, the american classic. They’ll make any blazer seem more casual. Keep that brim curved though, because putting on a flat brim will make you look like a ghetto wannabe unless you’re the real Jay-Z or Slim Shady. Keep this hat to the spring and fall, in the summer it’ll be too blended with everyone else in my opinion.




Ahh, the fedora. Be careful not to match it to your suit, or you’ve just joined the mob. Fedoras are the best hats for all seasons in my opinion. Time of day is the only factor I worry about. It’s the perfect spring and fall hat, and for snowless winter afternoons and late summer nights. Stick to the plan of never wearing a fedora before happy hour in the summer and after in the winter. That’s 5 o’clock for the non-drinkers. Maybe if the weather is nice, move that up to 4.



The beanie is a late, late fall, winter, and first 2-3 days of spring hat. While comfotable, never wear it to work unless you can wear it all day, your hair is going to be a nightmare, especially if you put it over gelled hair. Keep it without any brim or overfold , and have it snuggly fit to your head. Whenever I see some idiot walking with one of those hats which he wears on the very top of his head and comes off about 7-8 inches, I feel like cutting off all of the hat that’s not on his head, he doesn’t need it right?


Use this article as your hat bible, and remember that there are MILLIONS of types of hats out there, and you have to decide the rest.


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